Regular Thin Mink Lashes

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The first mink lashes manufacturer

When Milanda started lashes business, we met the same headache things what kind of eyelashes should we do?

After testing, We found mink lashes can show individuals perfectly.

Beauty should be flawless. That is our persuing.

Regular Think Mink Lashes Is the first development of natural eyelashes,

At the beginning, synthetic eyelashes is main products in the eyelash market, , It looks stiff,no layers feeling

People are pursuing a kind of more natural eyelashes instead of synthetic eyelshes,

Regular Mink Lashes came next……

Regular mink lashes with different curves on the top of the hairs, Looks better than others. It is gradually accepted and becoming popular.

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Pls see the following classic mink lashes still popular nowdays.

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