New! New Market ! Wands Eyelashes!

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ONLYCANAS have developed wands false eyelashes. Not only each hair have its own curves but each hair have bendings !! I am sure you never seen it , You never heard it !Wow!!! Update your cognition! Expand your horizons! Mink Lashes 3d developed by Jessie Sun in 2013, Its success have shaken up the landscape of the industry of false eyelashes ! It changed people’s eye for beautiful eyelashes! The traditional eyelashes is only one curve like synthetic eyelashes, If you want to show different curves in one pair of eyelashes, you will have to grow your eyelashes in make up salon! But mink lashes 3d changed it absolutely during that period!

25mm Mink Lashes!! Developed by ONLYCANAS, Which changed the world of mink lashes absolutely again in 2017!!

Now in 2020 !!! Besides in one eyelashes, there are different curves , What is more, There is bendings of each hair. We call it wands false eyelashes !!!

Each hair have bendings ! Have you ever heard it ??

Never Miss to choose it !!! It will be the next huge potential market of false eyelashes ! Styles will keep updating, Pls follow me !

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