Hot! Very Hot! 25mm 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale

Why Do we take the lead in developing 25mm Mink eyelashes?


We have long history in producing Mink Lashes – Experience

It is not accidental for us to develop 25mmmink eyelashes.

From Mink eyelashes to 3D mink eyelashes till 25MM mink Lashes,

The launch of each serious has successfully led the market, the success of mink lashes manufactuer is result of accumulation.

Quantitative change causes qualitative change

Since the establishment of our own mink eyelash factory, we have been committed to learn the American market.

We’re delicated to studying of American culture of course our leader have the same idea with american market. and can receive the signal from Consumers. Which prompted us to have this inspiration to create 25mm 3D false eyelashes.

Understanding the mink lashes Trend Accurately

We know that when the economy develops to a certain level, it will inevitably be accompanied by the gradual liberation of people’s consciousness and a more released personality.

A more exaggerated and vivid product is ready to emerge. We have the leading mind than other mink lashes vendors.

Being good at designing Mink Lashes

The 25mm Mink eyelashes are not lengthened on the traditional mink lashes styles, but redesigned according to the needs of customers.

The unique design plus the length change, well meets the needs of lashes mink consumers.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Huge Potential Market Of 25mm Mink Lashes!!!

25mm mink eyelashes 3d is the flagship product of our company. After continuous improvement by the staff of the factory It represent a new open mind! Make you more outstanding , suitable for more occasions, like performance life party wedding and etc.

25mm mink  eyelashes 3d  use the longest part of sable in the production process to ensure that every hair is smooth and soft. After high-temperature sterilization to make sure it is heathy. , Its high quality and unique design earn high reputaiton  by many mink lashes wholesales in soon time!

The raw material of mink lashes 25mm is limited and valuable, As it is long, It is difficult for workers to do it. Whick resulting The 25mm mink lashes slightly higher than other mink lashes, It is so so hot!!Super quality 25mm mink lashes are in short supply,

The one who get the 25mm mink eyelashes in the first time, The one who are able to win market,

we hope that everyone who loves beauty can have the best experience.

Contact us if you have any inquiry !! Our expert are always available serve for you!


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