Why Can Not Do As Your Target Price?

Some customers ordered Mink Lashes 3d, and compared with other mink hair eyelashes, Of course they like the good mink lashes 3d.

We want the very same mink lashes but based on their low target price because of no enough money.  ONLYCANAS LASHES can’t assure you anything but promise The only thing we can guarantee is that our price is the lowest for the same mink lashes 3d and ONLYCANAS MINK LASHES 3D quality is the highest for the same products.

ONLYCANAS mink eyelash is pure handmade, in order to provide you the best price and give you the best and comfortable felling, We selected carefully accounting the cost from raw material , the designers, the experienced training workers, The most strict quality control, The best service of sales , The most potential market prospect with price we offered you that can not lower easily , Remember, You can buy the things deserved from ONLYCANNAS MINK LASHES 3D.

Dear, Do you know that Your target price is calculated based on your own budget, not on product quality.Not from a professional point of view out of the accounting out of the price.We can certainly understand that, after all, you have not experienced the whole process of mink eyelash 3d production. 

We are your partners. In the Internet era, the price is very transparent. Our goal is to let all consumers experience the most beautiful and luxurious MINK LASHES 3D .To make money for all the MINK LASHES VENDORS we work with. 

Maybe ONLYCANAS MINK LASHES 3D are a little higher than your target price, but there is a lot of value hide in the price that you can’t see.such as unique Styles,super quality, considerable service, etc., we don’t want to offer some inferior mink lashes in order to get your order.Because if your target price is low , The quality will be lowered accordingly. There is no mink lashes manufactures quote the price randomly.

Dear customer, if your budget is limited, but you still want to do high quality mink lashes 3d , then I suggest you reduce the quantity according to your budget, and gradually increase the quantity after your capital turnover is opened.But don’t buy the inferior products. because in the info is explosion and transparent, We no need to quote you high price to waste you valuable time.  

I can only give you an example, I hope you can understand, the furniture industry, there are all kinds of practices, the outer packing is the same, but there is a real wood, half a solid wood, can according to your target price of replace the inside of the material, but the appearance is the same, but in the process of using air, formaldehyde is not the same.It has a huge impact on your health. 

Therefore, we hope you can understand that you can’t make a shoddy product according to your target price.Your target price is too high, but it is no good, because you have lost the market competitiveness, and your target price is too low, so the product quality will decline. 

Please rest assured that we choose to choose the professional!

No matter The Mink Lashes we show on website , Or The article we edited, Every detail we did by heart. As the eyelash of the excellent mink lashes suppliers, we are not only understanding you, But also provide more helpful advice according to our experience. if you feel useful, please share out, and let more people benefit.let us work together, struggle for a better tomorrow of mink lashes industrial!Thank you very much.

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