Why Not Choose Cheap 3d Mink Lashes?-Price Is Proportional To Quality

Cheap 3d Eyelashes_Cheap 3d Mink Lashes

  • Cheap 3D Eyelashes are Inferior and defective, Usually New workers or non-skilled workers make them . The right eyelashes are not the same with the left eyelashes. Badly effect the beauty.
  • The design of cheap 3d eyelashes is out of style or copy others, The curve is very good, They looks almost the same, no recognition.
  • Cheap 3d mink eyelashes, The quality of eyelash glue is poor, The mink hairs are easy to fall off. if the mink eyelashes stock for long time, The lash band is easy to be brocken.
  • Cheap 3d mink lashes the raw material is bad, They use the inferior mink hairs in it or use the bad mink hairs directly.
  • they don’t have the technology to make the mink hairs keep the original inspration.
  • on the contrary , They use the bad liquid medcine to process it, very pungent smell and easy to lead cancer. That is very terrible !
  • Cheap 3d mink lashes the final curve have burnt feeling and looks rigid.
  • Cheap eyelashes offered cheap price to get orders, the actual Mass goods They put many defective products according to the price.

Pls see the following inferior mink lashes.

Dear, The price is proportional to quality, Market will determine the price.

Because the PRICE OF ONLYCANAS Mink lashes hiden the value of our team!

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