Why Don’t We Make Magnetic False Eyelashes?

For magnetic false eyelashes, It is only a marketing gimmick, A new concept hype.

how can our little eyelashes bear the magnet? The lash band eyeliner are so thin, the area that touches the skin is very small, and they can stick to the eyelashes.

It is very uncomfortable to clamp our eyelashes with a small magnet, and it is impossible to use magnetic to stick the two pairs of eyelashes at all! and what is more magnet badly Damage our own false eyelashes! !

It bring us pain, sting feeling, What is more, Our own eyelashes are metabolized, You will experience the embarrassment of falling off at any time!

After many lashes wholesales purchase a batch of magnet eyelashes, consumers buy them once and never buy them again.

Good things can stand the test of time, but bad things cannot stand it,

The consumer experience is so poor, and the loss of the consumer experience is not only the reputation of the product.

If you are an opinion leader of web star, everyone complains about your middleman’s failure to choose a good product for the consumer,

It will give competitors a chance.

We follow the essence of cosmetics, beautiful, comfortable and natural. We don’t make any products that go against this essence. That’s why we don’t make magnet eyelashes.

Before you buy something, you must think about it carefully.

We are not only a mink lashes manufactuer but understand which one we should give up. which eyelashes we should stick to ?

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