Why Are False Eyelashes Your First Choice For Business During The Cronovirus?

The cost of Mink lashes is low, The barrier of mink lashes is little

The cost starting mink lashes wholesale is low , and the barrier is little .

Mink Lashes wholesale is not affected by national policy and the economic crisis

25mm mink lashes wholesale _25mm mink lashes factory

Mink lashes wholesale is belong to lipstick economy

What is the lipstick economy?

Lipstick economy is the “lipstick effect” derived from overseas descriptions of certain consumption phenomena.

When times are hard and people usually turn to cheaper goods,

lipstick or mink lashes , while not a necessity, can be both cheap and cosmetic, providing psychological comfort.

Under the economic crisis, consumers’ shopping psychology and consumption behavior have changed, and ordinary consumers have become bargain hunters.

The economic crisis has led to a boom in cheap cosmetics and cultural products such as lipstick.

In the 1930s, the economic theory of “lipstick effect” was first proposed during the Great Depression.

The “lipstick effect” is just one of many consumer mindsets, creating a certain possibility for the popularity of cultural products.

For cultural and entertainment consumer goods, in addition to the “lipstick effect”,

“content is king, service first” is always the same iron law. When the economy is bad, the pressure of life will increase.

The hard life always needs something easy to relax yourself. Therefore, the entertainment market such as movies, which are not so expensive, will be better.

People like to makeup for releasing . The demand of mink lashes is increasing too.

The developent of Social media speed up the mink lashes wholesale

Many people can not go outside because of the cronovirus, Which speed up the development of social media.

lots of people will have to use mobile phone or television or other media to get the info from outside. Mink Lashes wholesale is suitable for social media advertising.

” There always be huge opportunity in crisis ”

Many many mink lashes vendors have grabbed the good opportunity to realize the rapid development of Mink Lashes 3d business.

In the cronovirus, The quantity of Mink Lashes wholesaler is increasing and The order from worldwide is more and more fully show that how mink lashes are popular!

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