What kind of people like wearing 25mm mink lashes?

25mm mink lashes are designed for some special people whose mind is more open or used for special occassions such as walk on red carpet or film actor or the people whose skin colour is dark or their eyes are deep. 25mm mink lashes can make eyes more outstanding.

1: More open mind consumers.

In Amerian, People usually wear the mink lashes with the length of 16-18mm , It looks natural.

The people who want to make their eyes shining or looks sexy usually ask their mink lashes suppliers to make the mink lashes with double layer, because in this way, Their eyes are more outstanding.

Even so , 16-18mm double layer mink lashes are not so obvious with Some people with dark skin and deep eyes. However 25mm mink lashes can reach their requirement. Deep eyes and dark skin people wearing 25mm mink lashes are more confidence!

Do you know why do they so want to make their eyes shining? The one who pay attention to eyes making up is pursuing inner perfect life. They are strict with themselves and full of positive energy.

Just like in ordinary life, Some people use culture and books to fullfil their minds and modify themselves .

2:Film star or webstar

People know us through different silent languages, They may know us through body language or Our making up or Clothes,

Everything outside can show our speciaty, All arround of it , Our eyes can fully show our charming and inner mind.

So Intellegent people show themselves by highlighting their eyes, That is the easy and fastest way.

Some actors they will use the special eyebrow or eyelashes to show the characteristic.

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3d mink lashes manufactuer_mink lashes factory_lashes suppliers

Some webstars attach great importance to making the eyes, and besides the eyeshadow and eyeliner, The most important thing is the mink lashes. A best mink lashes can show your high taste. Eyes are the highest and the most important position , So eyelashes must be perfect! Never compromise!!

Where to get the best 25mm mink lashes?

China is famous for mink lashes. The most natural false eyelashes are made in china. Now china is not an processing plant ,

With its developing, China has been became an exquisite designed manufactuer, The most popular mink lashes are designed and exported by us.

NOw we are pround that our fashion taste and leading the trend in the world. We not only have the experienced workers and designers but we also have the best sales assistant always available to help you.

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The popular mink lashes 3d_The best selling styles of mink lashes 3d wholesale

which kind of 25mm mink lashes are good?

1:From the design

Good 25mm mink lashes have disign concept. Different people have different feeling with the best designed 25mm mink lashes.

Usually Good artiest such as mona lisa or Ham latter . Different people have different understanding about it. That is artist.

The same , Good design of mink lashes , Different people have diffent feeling when wearing it. That is absolutely different from the iminated one.

2: From the Curlve

Good mink lashes 25mm 3d. THe curve is elegant and differenty layers naturally speading.

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3: From the band

Good eyelashes 25mm mink lashes with thin band, there is no glue over the band, it is clean and the band is flexible. Comfortable to wear.

4: From the using time.

Good 25MM mink lashes can keep the same shape after swimming. especially , The curve can show different angels with the tempriture various.

Mink lashes are the highest beauty. Don’t compromise !

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