What Are The Features Of The Pure Hand Mink Eyelash Of ONLYCANAS?

ONLYCANAS delivers beauty from the heart!

ONLYCANAS pure hand mink hair eyelash product contains the worker’s wisdom, Each Mink Hair placement and the bending curve ,you can experience and feel the design and the worker’s intention. 

The productivity of Mechine made mink lashes is high , But the final products look inflexible and single. Machine made mink lashes are Suitable for mass production.So the mechanism product is the mass consumption, it is difficult to reflect the individuality. 

And mink lashes handmade are works of art, It is a way of life, The Mink lashes 3d seem to have some more wisdom and inspiration.Every good worker makes something slightly different but looks very beautiful, and that’s the charming of mink lashes hand made . 

Good mink lashes raw materials, good design, need to match with good technology to fully show the perfection of the product. 

Eyelash is the pen of dot eyeball of whole makeup look, it is the show of good heart, it is too important.

ONLYCANAS studies everyone’s personality, great ideas, charm, and uniqueness, just like the brand they want to build. 

We use our hearts to deliver beauty…

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