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Cannes Lashes Packaging

Cannes Lashes provide all kinds of packaging for your beloved eyelashes. For you who love beauty, eyelashes are not only a necessity, but also an improvement of life quality. Precious eyelashes also need careful care.

We have different styles and types. In here, every beauty can design their favorite colors, patterns and logos. Our minimum order is 100. Our factory USES the latest technology to make sure the boxes are brightly colored and full of workmanship. such as UV, specialty paper, CMYK, Gilding, ect. Do you wanna a lashes box belong yourself? Sounds amazing.

Cannes Lashes never waste paper in the processing of boxes. Our raw materials were sterilized and reprocessed to make full use of every resource on the earth. In the factory there is a special sampling inspection  of quality a personnel, superb processing technology in the eyelash market our boxes are popular and loved by beauty.

Cannes Lashes also offers a plastic box with colored cardboard. You only need a plastic shell. The card with different colors according to your preference every day is like a brand new experience of wearing eyelashes. That’s one way to save resources, and more cheap.

 Cannes Lashes Hot Sale Packaging

Some tips:

1.What’s the minimum order for effy lashes packaging?

If you don’t need to customize, the minimum order quantity is 1.

If you need to customize, the minimum order quantity is 100.

2. The price of lashes packaging?

There are different prices for different types of packaging.

The specific price should be decided according to your design pattern, color and type. Please contact us and we will give you a complete quotation.

3. The criteria for buying packaging?

If you need to customize, you need to buy lashes together.

4. Delivery time?

After you order mink lashes, customized packaging need to wait, and specific time according to the custom style.

5.How to pay?

T/T, West Union, PayPal

6.Our after-sales service?

If you find any quality problem, please contact us.

                                           whatsapp:+86 17561687025