Who Can Do Mink Lashes Wholesale Same As confirmed Samples ?

Many customers are happy with mink lashes sample quality but headache that the mass products are not same as samples , They’are not the same styles at all!!! which resulted losing so high big advertising cost!

It is known that Pure Hand Made Mink Lashes are a little different from samples , That is because the raw materials come from natural mink, The thickness is different from each batch, pure hand made products is a work of art, even we ask workers to put the same number of minks to the design, The final mink lashes are different.

The cheap mink lashes suppliers have very big stock pressure, They purchase semi-mink lashes from others. If the mink lashes they have no stock they will ship the other styles to you directly.

If you complain with them, They will change another . but even changing , They can not provide the same mink lashes styles as confirmed samples.

How to do mink lashes same as confirmed samples?

However Milanda can made mass products 98% similar as the mink lashes samples.

After receiving of raw materials, We will ask workers to select the mink hairs according to the diameter of the raw material,

Then we adjust the number of the mink hairs to ensure that the final mink lashes samples with the similarity of 98% or more. 

Why Our cooperators is more and more and grow up quickly even Our mink lashes are expensive?

In additiion, we select workers carefully.

Each group of workers will have to train for a half year and constant communication with designers.

Workers will have to be evaluated and promoted after period. so that they can understand beauty and design concept correctly.

Good faith is eternal, We will pay more to our raw material suppliers to ensure that they will provide us the best raw material ,

we Pay more to experienced workers to improve their living standard to assure they can make mink lashes 3d attentively.

Even in the serious situation of the cronovirus , we still adhere to the integrity, to help customers control cost.

With the development of the society, the cost of all aspects is constantly increasing. We will control the price well during the Cronovirus.

In internet age, The price is very clear. We can not offer higher price to loss customers unless our mink lashes is worth the value.

That is also why our mink lashes are in short damand. Market will determine the price.

if you haven’t realized it yet, take your time, Market will tell you everything.

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