How To Wear False Eyelashes

Is there any sister that doesn’t wear false eyelashes like me? I want to be beautiful and handicapped… Even if I have glued my hands, I have tried countless times and still can’t make false eyelashes! Psychological shadow area… Today, I want to share with you a method to save the hand of the disabled party and teach you how to apply false eyelashes. Novices can also learn the method of false eyelashes!

First, take out a false eyelash and put the false eyelashes on your eyes to calculate the appropriate length.

Second, remove the excess part of the false eyelashes and keep the length of the false eyelashes.

Third,squeeze the glue onto the back of the hand, then use the lower end of the tweezers to apply glue and place it on the eyelashes. Be sure to apply a little more glue to the ends of the eyelashes because the ends of the eyelashes tend to curl up.

Fourth, wait about 30 seconds, let it do something, so the viscosity is higher. You can clip your true eyelashes while you wait, so that the true eyelashes will also have a certain degree of camber

Lift the chin, turn the eyelashes up, and place the false eyelashes on the top of the real eyelashes. Don’t stick them first.

Fifth, use the tweezers to clamp the end of the eyelashes, then clamp the front end, stick it, then press the false eyelashes inward with your fingers to make sure the middle part is also stuck together.

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