FAQ:How To Use Mink Lashes-Method Is Important!

How mink lashes are made?

A kind of luxury mink eyelashes will take 21 procedures to make it!

Every process requires careful polishing

Sometimes we really want to speed up producing, but Once the speed is fast, the final mink lashes is not perfect, that is not a luxury mink lashes!

For a company with strict quality requirement, We really don’t want flaws appear.
It seems that we are not producing mink lashes for you, but really treating the product as a work of art.

the workers collect the hair with tips with high temperature disinfection.

Use special technology to process the raw materials. Then the workers use tweezers to place them one by one in the position where the design is required, glued together in a special environment. The skilled workers finalize the curve, The mink hairs are thin, Every procedure will be patient, strict.

How Mink Lashes Are Applied?

First use tweezers to hold the extra eyeliner on the eyelashes and put it on the eye to measure the width of your eyes.

After the measurement, cut off the extra part with thin scissors.

Carefully apply the glue to the eyeliner. Be careful not to overflow the glue. Then put the eyelashes for 1-2 minutes and wait for the glue to dry.

After the glue dries slightly, it becomes more sticky.

Use the eyelash aid to carefully place it on the upper part of the eyelashes, and press firmly for 7-10 seconds to make the eyelashes fit closely with the skin.

Pay attention to avoid the lacrimal glands, because the lacrimal glands can easily make the eyelashes lose their stickiness.

How To Remove Mink Lashes?

Mink eye lashes are different from ordinary synthetic mink lashes.

Mink eye lashes are hand-swinged. Different hands tie eye lashes. You can’t directly pull the eyelashes by hand. Instead, you should hold the eyelash line by hand and gently remove That’s it.

To prolong the life of eyelashes, we recommend that you place the removed eyelashes on the eyelash holder. Keep it properly.

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