How to trim the length of the eyelashes

More attentive friends will find that when we buy new fake eyelashes, there are many shortcomings. For example, the phenomenon of uneven thickness, uneven color, and varying lengths. Because in case the length of the false eyelashes is the same as the length of the eyelids, the eyelashes can easily fall off the corners of the eyes when the eyes are closed, so the eyelashes must be slightly trimmed first.

The method of trimming is simple. False eyelashes are mostly mountain-shaped and are staggered in length. Before use, please trim the false eyelashes according to the following methods: first cut off the nearest one from the corner of the eye by one-third of the length; then cut the last two false eyelashes in half; then cut the fourth fake One quarter of the eyelashes; the next fifth root becomes the first one, which is trimmed in order. The false eyelashes after this trimming will look natural. 

Next, before putting on the false eyelashes, first roll the original eyelashes with the curler, so that the eyelashes are the same as the false eyelashes, and then the false eyelashes are worn.

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