How To See Through Inferior Mink Lashes Supplier?

Judging Whether a mink lashes supplier can produce best mink lashes depending on their thinking mode , Values ​​determine the direction of people and the future of the company.

Selection is very important. Choosing the reliable mink lashes supplier means that your company has a foundation, and how strong the foundation is decide how big your company will be!

How to choose a reliable mink lashes supplier? some suggestions for you to spot inferior suppliers

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Doing all kinds of eyelashes lead to doing nothing well

When browsing the website or talking, you found that they can produce every kind of false eyelashes and there is no flagship product.

This kind of false eyelashes suppliers always purchase semi-products from other factories or north korea and only do packing and delivery in their factory, this kind of products no special feature, Almost same as other factories. It is very difficult to assure the quality and delivery due.

Good product is really good, don’t be attracted by gorgeous appearance

When browsing websites, You found that their websites were very beautiful, but the eyelashes were looks rigid. be careful with This kind of suppliers . They always uses gorgeous things to attract customers, but the quality of the product is not good. Because his energies are all on the appearance and ignore the core products.

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A fine mink lashes worker take long time to train

During communication,They say their mink lashes factory was very large and there were thousands of workers. If you want to find mink lashes supplier, This kind of supplier can not produce perfect mink lashes. An excellent worker needs 1-2 years to train. And bad workers are everywhere. Especially in the countryside. There are very few workers doing fine work.

The large number of workers means their mink lashes without special characteristics and only pursue mass production. like synthetic eyelashes. They can not produce high quality mink lashes.

Pure hand made eyelashes are a kind of fine works

During communication, You got that their mink lashes production capacity was very large.

Mink lashes are pure handmade and it needs patience. a good worker can produce 20pairs at most a day. they can produce above 100 pairs a day. how to assure the quality ?

Does the mink lashes have design feeling?

Look at the sample board, you will find that all mink lahses are almost same, it looks overgrown from the side, without elegant beauty. The Suppliers who lack aesthetics, or do not understand aesthetics, They cannot see mink lashes defects and don’t know how to improve the mink lashes .

Can the mass mink lashes orders be consistent with samples?

In the end , Final mink lashes will prove everything, When ordering samples, you need to order several styles for couples .

If you want To start the mink eyelash wholesale, you have to pay a price. if you found a good mink lashes suppliers, you will have no worries in future,

I suggest you make payment by PAYPAL , if quality problems occurs, YOu can ask refunding. Be sure to check the if bulk mink lashes be consistent?

Don’t order the lashes on high MOQ. Because most suppliers find workers in the society to do it, or to purchase semi-finished products in North Korea.

Remember that cosmetics must be flawless, completely different from other products, and lack of training for workers.

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