How to plan the next purchase of eyelash in advance?

For many new mink lashes wholesale, Timely get the products means you will get a valuable selling period.

When is the suitable time to purchase mink lashes ?

You should not only consider the selling time of local off-season and peak season at yourside, but also familar with the time of mink lashes factories.

The best mink lashes are purely handmade. Once you rushed them to make the goods asap , the workers will be nervous , The mink lashes are not perfect.

Old customers understand this very well. They have regular schedules for their mink lashes purchases,

but for new mink lashes vendors. Generally speaking, they can’t wait to place an order today and get the goods tomorrow. This is unrealistic.

We will be responsible for middlemen and end customers. Ensure that the goods are perfect.

Every September will enter the peak sales season,
But at the same time in rural areas, workers enter the harvest season, harvesting in half a month.

There are many festivals in the second half of the year.
Chinese holidays:

10.1-10.7 chinese National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival

11.27 Thanksgiving, Black Friday abroad

12.25-1.1 Christmas, New Year’s Day abroad

1.1-1.3 Chinese New Year’s Day Holiday

In February spring festival chinese

2.14 Valentine’s Day abroad

Every month has a holiday, and every holiday is a peak season for sales, so please make sure to plan the next purchase time in advance.

So starting from August, you have to start stocking. In the second half of the year, there will be many domestic and foreign festivals.

Opportunities will leave the man who are prepared enough.

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