How to maintain a good relationship with eyelash suppliers?

Listen to the suggestions of each other

No matter you are mink lashes vendors or mink lashes suppliers,

All we serve for the end consumers , So both of us must keep up with the development of the times.

In that time, The factories were located in the countriside , They only can get info from international trading companies ,

The factoris have no opinion and no creation just listen to the mink lashes vendors and do what they want.

Because they can not get the first hand info, So they can not create the product.

But now , The times have been changed with the website development.

in order to better serve for the customers, The good mink lashes factory Trained designers to study with the trend of the all world ,

With the rapid development of the Internet, information is becoming faster and more transparent. Everyone can get large amount of information every day, but the energy is limited,

25mm mink lashes wholesale _mink lashes suppliers_3d mink lashes vendors

So we will have to train the special man to do the special things to help customers. Suppliers face orders from all over the world and can also see foreign consumer markets.

we also can study the market abroad and create the good mink lashes for customers. So a good mink lashes supplier can give opinion to customers for consideration, Thus can create more opportunities by the shortest time.

For example, A very large mink lashes wholesale from USA who cooperated with us for long time , We found that their bottom paper used for custom mink lashes packaging is too dark to highlight the mink lashes,

She didn’t listen to our suggestions , which resulted they bear loss .

When we found the 25mm mink lashes will be popular, but she didn’t try it, as a result they lost market opportunities.

Dear, good mink lashes suppliers can give you professional suggestions , Pls just take consideration, The final decision is up to you . Good mink lashes factory can help you and save your time.

So I think we need to exchange more opinions and stay in one

25mm mink lashes wholesale _mink lashes suppliers_3d mink lashes vendors

Tell your plans sincerely to prepare enough

It is necessary to communicate with suppliers in time, such as your plans for this year, sales volume, etc., so that mink lashes suppliers can have enough time to train workers. Mink eyelashes are high-end products.

It takes time to find workers and a lot of time to train.

This will not only train the workers for your future development, but will not be at a loss when the sales volume comes up,

the supplier is at a loss, you are rushing the goods, and the product is not perfect. Now customers, suppliers and customers are the operation of the entire system, rather than operating separately.

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