How To Find The Right Mink Lashes Styles?

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Find the perfect pair of false eyelashes for your eyes.

Down Turned Eyes -3d mink lashes wholesale
Best paired with “winged” out lash styles, which provides a lifting effect to the outer corners of your eyes. Mink Lashes Wholesale
Upturned Eyes-mink lashes distributor
Upturned eyes pairs perfectly with “winged” lashes that emphasizes the beautiful natural lift.
Deep Set Eyes-mink lashes vendors china
Deep set eyes pair well with fuller and longer lashes that help bring your eyes forward and create depth.
Hooded Eyes-the best mink lashes manufacturer china
Hooded eyes are naturally sultry, and they pair well with lashes that amplify that quality.
Monolid Eyes-The best mink lashes 3d factory
Monolid eyes are best paired with lashes that help create more depth and definition.
Prominent Eyes-luxury mink lashes vendors
Prominent eyes can benefit from more subtle lashes that help recede and reduce the definition of your eyes.

The following styles we call it “mysterious”

Big clusters and more small clusters embellished in the mink lashes ,

It looks sexy, charming, can not see obviously. we call it “MYSTERIOUS”

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