How To Choose Mink Lashes boxes?

Know More About Custom Mink Lashes Boxes

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Good mink eyelashes need to be matched with a good custom mink eyelash box, and every detail should reflect your pursuit of the product and the energy delivered to consumers.

There are many custom mink lashes boxes with various materials and shapes, and they are very easy to make. Facing to so many mink lashes boxes?? how to design an imprssive mink lashes boxes?

The eyelash boxes on the market are mainly divided into acrylic plastic mink lashes boxes and cardboard mink lashes boxes.

Know more about acrylic mink lashes boxes

Acrylic round boxes, we mainly recommend two types here.
The MOQ and the mold cost is high for acrylic boxes, The reason why the factory ask MOQ because of the high mold cost , If not reach MOQ, the cost is high and can not affordable for new mink lashes vendors. In order to meet their request, We carefully prepared two popular models for consumers, with a minimum order of 30pcs.

One is a round box and the other is a transparent square box

Acrylic mink lashes boxes are Simple and not easy to break when placed in the bag. If you often go to parties and need to change your makeup, then this acrylic mink lashes box is really a good choice. The hot stamped logo is also very high-end.

Know more about cardboard custom mink lashes boxes

With the popularity of digital printing machines, The MOQ and the mold cost have been decreased.

Cardboard mink lashes boxes are becoming more and more popular because The printing can be changed with your favourites to show the diversity of boxes.

But cardboard mink lashes boxes are easy to be brocken when you put in a bag for shopping.

Here we mainly recommend two kinds, one is a mink lashes box made of special paper, the box shape can be changed at will, and hot stamp logo.

The MOQ of special paper is relatively high, we also puchased 5 kinds of popular mink lashes boxes for stock.MOQ From 30 pcs.

Cardboard mink lashe boxes with printing are easy to make. You can print any design you like.

Although there is no MOQ, the higher the quantity, the lower the price, and the lower the quantity, the higher the price.

How to design an impressive box?

As more and more people enter the mink eyelash industry, there are many many mink eyelash boxes to choose from.

what is the impressive mink lashes boxes? What points should pay attention when custom mink lashes boxes? Know more about it and you will get inspiration from it.

The impressive mink lashes boxes can be devided into two serious, one is high-end with simple design, and the other is cool and popular design.

High-end design is always simple and contains rich content. To enter the high-end fashion, it is recommended to focus on the simple type, and recommend several of our special paper square boxes and special paper window boxes.

luxury custom mink lashes boxes

Eyelashes are still worn by a large number of young people, who like to be cool and changeable, or print in bright colors, such as pictures,

Drop liquid mink lashes boxes

Either use a strange box shape to attract attention, hexagon, triangle, diamond

Either the cool printing attracts the attention of others. For example, the following types, drop liquid, dollar currency, etc.

But in short, the logo must be prominent, recognizable, and easy for others to remember. Dior, DIOR, some logo designs that indicate the brand, you can show it.

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