How Do We Deal With Defective Mink Lashes?

Giving up is also a kind of wisdom.

Do we have defective Lashes?

Of course we have, In fact we have more defective mink lashes than others Because we are delicated to producing perfect lashes. so workers engaged in high-end mink fur eyelashes need longer time training, At the beginning, The new workers can not make the mink lashes according our strict requirement.

To be honest, Even our defective mink lashes are better than the best products on the market. But we don’t sell.

why we don’t sell the defective mink lashes in stock?

From a professional point of view, these mink lashes made by new workers are flawed.

We believe that cosmetics must be flawless. Only the products without blemishes can be called cosmetics.

The uniqueness of cosmetics is beauty! This is the essential difference between cosmetics and other products. Therefore, we do not sell defective products with low price.

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why? Many mink lashes suppliers say that we are foolish. Why not based on consumers target price, that is also meet their request. If we meet their request , we have neglected the end customers feeling.

After considering we still say no to privide the defective mink lashes even the profit is also high. because the target price customers offered have no experience. completely higher than the value of the defective product itself. If we only look at the immediate benefits, we can sell him the defective products in the inventory.

But we must give up. We look at the longer term, and what we see is the ultimate consumer’s sense of experience.

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Only when the ultimate consumer’s sense of experience is good, can we and the intermedia mink lashes wholesale continue to develop for a long time. Only when the final consumers are satisfied can we and the mink lashes vendors get repeated orders for long time.

That is why we give up providing defective mink lashes .

We only make luxury mink lashes flawless, because we have engaged in the greatest business, to add luster to your eyes!


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