Here Comes The Newest Products Of Wands Eyelashes!

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Mink Eyelashes leaded by ONLYCANAS (QINGDAO MILANDA IMP AND EXP CO.,LTD) Every innovation of eyelashes will bring huge potential market ! Mink Lashes , Mink Lashes 3d, Mink Lashes 25mm ! We are pround that we leading market!

3D Wands Eyelashes! You never heard it ! Tell You What is 3D Wands Eyelashes?!

Have you ever heard the perms in big waves? in straight? 3D wands eyelashes except each hair have its curl, But there are some small waves in each hair. It will bring you a new feeling!

If we said it synthetic eyelashes show traditional, Inflexible, Mink lashes 3d show elegant, Freedom. 3D wands eyelashes show Temper Force with grace ! Grace with Temper Force in the 3D Wands Eyelashes!

It’s shape perectly show the designers idea and personality!

I am sure actual 3d wands eyelashes looks better than pictures. Never miss the market of it !!

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