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Can You Sleep In Mink Lashes?

It is ok to wear eyelashes when you sleep.

Our own eyelashes also need to be metabolized naturally shedding, In order to give our own eyelashes a break. We suggest you to take off the eyelashes.

Our mink lashes stick on the top of the eyelashes, and they will remain the same the next day.

Unlike planted eyelashes, you can only sleep with them, badly effect our own eyelashes metabolism and eyelash respiration.

Is Mink lashes Better?

Mink eyelashes are currently the most natural eyelashes, with many styles and novel styles. You can change different eyelashes according to your makeup and the occasion of the banquet.

Individual eyelashes you plant in salon, The styles is only one. and can not take off.

Synthetic eyelashes look dull and have no spirituality.

Comparing all, Mink lashes are the best.

Do Mink Lashes Damage Natural Lashes?

Our pair of hair will never damage our eyelashes. Because our eyelashes are glued on the top of our own eyelashes,

our own eyelashes still maintain the metabolism, unlike the eyelashes planted in the beauty salon have great damage to our own eyelashes. Because it sticks to plum root eyelashes, it affects the eyelashes’ respiration and metabolism.

All the above , Do you know more about mink lashes ? What is the advantage of mink lashes compare to other individual eyelashes and synthetic eyelashes ? Follow me , I will make your confusion clearly.

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