Do You Know What Mink Lashes Represent?-Twinkle

Twinkle All The Way Lifetime-Twinkle

We call the following mink eyelashes “twinkle”.

The inspiration comes from the popular English lullaby. twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The mink hair twinkle lines made with Thick and thin clusters with small embellishments of the mink hairs in the space.Curved with special craftsmanship.

We hope you are “TWINKLE”all the way lifetime.

We tried countless times and finally found that mink fur is the most expressive raw material.

Good mink lashes cannot do without good raw materials. We cherish animals, and use human wisdom to make beauty of mink hair eyelashes 3d We believe that only the perfect combination of man and nature can move our hearts.

If you want to design an mink eyelashes belong to you , Represent yourself, If you want to custom eyelashes. Do not hesitate to contact us !


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