Did You Position The Product Before Starting 3D Eyelashes Wholesale?

Before you started making mink eyelashes wholesale, did you position the product?

What segment of the population are you trying to attract?

Do you want your brand to represent what kind of minds of potential customers?

In our overwired society, the mind is a container of total inadequacy. According to Dr. George A MILLER , a psychologist at Harvard University, the average mind can’t process more than seven units of information at once.Surveys s show that 80% of americans can’t name any member of the President’s cabinet, or even the vice President. How can we remember so many brands when our minds are too small to handle these questions?

ONLYCANAS is positioned as a group with certain achievements and a middleman with certain achievements. 

Positioning is important, and the biggest mistake many vendors is trying to appeal to everyone and satisfy everyone.They don’t want to be tied down by specific positioning because they think that will limit sales and miss opportunities.

But both in the field of product or in officialdom, and his own life, you must have its own position, person’s energy is limited, we just want to have been in the service of the positioning, and we were in a space, the competition is too fierce, not make enemies, or you want to meet the demand of all people, do not choose, no chance.We can’t better serve our customers

Before you start your MINK LASHES VENDORS OR MINK LASHES WHOLESALE business again, did you locate it?

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