Can 3D Eyelashes Be Reused?

The raw material of synthetic false eyelash is chemical fiber, This kind of material cannot be decomposed, They have very bad pollution to the environment, the false eyelash that makes by plastic is out of shape easily after using .

The false eyelash cheap that made from real human hair is not easy to be out of shape, But the craft that real human hair eyelashes is hand-tied, Which will need long enough human hair to fasten on eyeliner by hand, And then clip sthe shape like barber .However, in order to save the cost, the suppliers in the market all use synthetic instead of real human hair , In fact,It is synthetic fiber, which is easy to deform at a time.

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They can guarantee that each pair of eyelashes is a real mink hair. The special process guarantees that consumers can reuse the lashes more than 25 times and can wash them by hand, even if the mink lashes are wet ,after dry,They will return to the original condition after drying.

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