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Are Mink Lashes Made From Minks?

Yes, The raw material of Our mink lashes get from the tail of minks with 1-2 years old. Each hair is cylindrical same as our own eyelashes.

Are mink lashes real?

Yes, You can test it , Natural mink hairs is become ash after burning, Synthetic will become knots after burning.

Are mink lashes safe?

Our mink eyelashes are taken from natural mink hair and treated with physical technology. They are high-temperature sterilized and odorless.

Our eyeliner glue is developed by Dr. Tony who returned from the United States.Strong and flexible, no shedding, Very comfortable to wear.

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Are mink lashes reusable?

Yes,ONLYCANAS mink lashes can be used for 20-25times if you protect it well. Click here to learn more about why we can not use cheap mink lashes?

Can mink lashes be cruelty free?

Yes, The team of ONLYCANAS is full of love, we pay attention to the coexistance of man and nature.

Only we love animals , love minks, then can we get healthy and beauty. Each mink hair we got by coming the hairs carefully and then collect the hairs by workers.

Can mink lashes get wet?

yes, you can swim with it. our mink lashes will keep the original after dry .

Can you wash mink lashes?

yes, you can , but you should do it carefully to avoid shedding, our mink lashes will keep the same after dry it.

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