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The designer Mr Oscar Gao. was born in 1978 in Mo Yan’s hometown. and grow up in Pindu Qingdao. who was graduated from the China Academy of Art.

Do you know Moyan? Mo Yan is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. The red sorghum land is combined commercial civilization and farming civilization after years of baptism. The experience made the people here brave, wise, grateful, and united…

The reason why Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize in Literature is inseparable with The nourishment and nurturing of this land culture. His literary works can directly hit the weaknesses of human form, Praize the greatness of humanity.

We certainly did not have such a great achievement, but common experiences will have a common perception of life. Mo Yan expresses with exquisite words, we try to use eyelashes to express it and resonate with you.

ONLYCANAS MINK eyelashes is a kind of visual language, all the greatness and weakness of human nature, the interestingness of humanity are reflected in the eyelash works.

He likes to use her eyelashes to express her inner emotions. Follow the inner moral and not letting pressure from others keep you from doing what you knew to make the right decision.

Embrace changing

Mr Oscar Gao Has long adored the art of mink lashes and its ability empowering its wearers. Each mink lashes has design philosophy. From mink eyelashes, 3D mink eye lashes, 25MM 3D mink eyelashes, to the new developed wands eyelashes, we have been ahead of the world lash trend.

Jessie Sun turned his yes into diamond. Sensitively discovered the beauty of mink lashes and quickly spread them.

Every change in the style of mink hair drives the transformation of emancipating the mind. In recent years, many people do not like synthetic false eyelashes. Human hair false eyelashes are turned into mink hair false eyelashes, which reflects people’s diversity. This can be seen from the design, he wrapped the human form in his eyelashes, exuding the raw and unapologetic sensuality.

Source of eyelash design

The design of eyelashes is sometimes not inspired by fashion, but my hometown. The mother’s calmness and philosophical wisdom are fully reflected in the work of mink eyelashes.

We use mink lashes making them louder, bolder, bigger vision of themselves, We’ll elevate mink lashes to new heights.

Mr Oscar Gao will embrace strong and the soft duality of mordern womanhood. They use unexpected details ,different clusters and curves to create a sense of mysterious around the image of woman who is alluring and untouchable.

The unique mink lashes which can resonate with you is the best mink lashes,A work that resonates with you is a good work. Behind it ,There is a good designer, excellent worker, and excellent team!

Slaying lashes, Making you impressive on red carpet!

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