13-14mm 3D Mink Lashes

Qingdao Milanda Imp and Exp CO.,Ltd is one of the best mink lashes supplier. We use traditional process, after hours of hand-crafting by workers.

Each pair of eyelashes is given a soul. For everyone who loves beauty, this is not only a pair of eyelashes, also the concentration of every employee of cannes lashes company.

No matter in spirit or in daily life, we should attach importance to environmental protection and love life. We use 100% mink hair, treat each mink gently and take it naturally.

Each pair of eyelashes made natural, light, healthy, and easy to wear and take, for the eyes to bring the best experience. Our eyelashes change at different temperatures and have different layers.

Repeated use for many times to reduce the annoyance of frequent purchase for your life. High quality eyelashes make your makeup more elegant and exquisite.High quality that many eyelash factories cannot produce.

Our glue was developed by a doctoral studying in the United States and has been patented in China.This lash-based glue is not harmful to the eyes, is hypoallergenic and reduces the presence of the lashes during use, allowing the lashes to blend in with your own lashes.

Reduce waste, natural and comfortable, Cannes lashes bring you the best experience.


Each pair of our eyelashes is artificial manufacturing, eliminating the waste of raw materials, treasure every resource.The scientific and environmental protection design lets the eyelash play the biggest role in the life.

Every person that loves the United States hopes his makeup look is delicate grace, different occasion USES different eyelash, repeat use reduces waste, this is very environmental protection thing.

We hope you will join us and witness the growth of each pair of eyelashes, which are a precious gift from the selection to the finished product.Here are some common questions and answers to give you a better idea of how the eyelashes get into your hands.

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When you know so much about us ,I guess you can’t wait to see our eyelashes styles.

Some tips before order:

1. What is your MOQ?

10 pairs, you can mix different styles.

2. What are the materials used for your lashes?

We use 100% mink fur.

3. What is the price range for each pair of eyelash?

Please contact us for specific lashes price based on specific style.

4.what kind of packing?

Our own packaging or you can order other styles.

5. Do you take customized eye-lashes orders based on designs?

Yes, we can develop your unique eyelashes based on designs.

6.What time is the delivery?

The next day after payment.

7.What kind of payment?

PayPal, Western Union, T/T.

If you want to know more styles and questions.

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