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ONLYCANAS mink lashes Brand

About Qingdao Milanda IMP &EXP CO.,LTD The Best Mink Lashes Manufactuer

Qingdao Milanda Imp and Exp CO., Ltd was established in 2011,The mink lashes production centre is located in  QingDao China ,It is The first and  the BEST profesional mink lashes manufacturer in the world.

Our enterprise is dynamic ,cultural ,brave ,Creative, Honest and Responsible.

Qingdao Milanda is specializing in 100% hand-made Mink Eyelashes. The material come from the tail hair of Siberian mink. It’s Slender, softer, natural, glossy, Fully showing dignity and temperament. Every mink eyelash is the crystal of inspiration and reality.

Our Designer team leaded by Mr Oscar has unique thinking, wide knowledge of beauty, He is familiar with aesthetic , fashion trend… especailly Their team can feel the different and interesting soul of people, That is why our mink lashes show characteristic and can not be copied.

Our mink lashes 3d are received warm welcomed in  USA ,UK ,Canada , Middle Eeast Countries… Our mink lashes are sold to more than 200 countries from all over the world!

Over the past 10 years, we experiences 4 generations of mink lashes developing ,mink lashes , 3d mink lashes, 3d silk eyelashes, 25mm mink lashes, The rise of each generation is created by us!

Now the market competition is fierce , However, Our Team know we should “in prosperity think of adversity”, We’re working harder and harder , Always keep the leader position of  the best mink lashes manufacturer industry.

Our enterprise had been recognized and awarded by the local government SGS and BV certificates.

The Best Mink lashes Manufactuer of Qingdao Milanda IMP and EXP CO.,LTD think “Quality is the life of our enterprise”.

Do you know that the best mink lashes are the crystallization of wisdom?? Most cheap eyelashes suppliers think we copy others and get orders with low cost, It is wrong wrong wrong!! You will never become bigger if you choosing this kind of suppliers! Their mind is low! It is terrible!

Besides raw material , technology, “culture” is basic of good products.  these years,  we are delicated to cultural construction, at the same time we Keep the technological and management innovating ,

We are different from others, We grasping quality not only from the raw material , the handcraft, and technology . but also pay attention to the basic construction. such as Culture construction, Team Construction… Because, we think Good pure hand made mink lashes is from people, The system of the company is healthy , Then Good products is born…

Now Qingdao Milanda imp and Exp co.,ltd  have became an  integrated mink lashes wholesale company with its own mink lashes design department, Mink lashes Technology development department, mink lashes Workers trainning department, Mink lashes quality control department,  HR department, advertising department , Sales department, Products management department, Delivery packing department. 

International Trading Department 3D Mink lashes wholesale


All the departments have clear responsibility management. which assure our mink lashes with high quality and let the mink lashes wholesale enjoy a better experience with us!

After- sale service team is also the backing guarantee of our production , we provide 7days refund money without any condition , and promise the problem during wear the production , we will solve with you at the first time .

In the year of 2014, We established our branch office QINGDAO CANNES COSMETICS CO.,LTD, and have our own retail brand ONLYCANAS. 

As a responsible and believable the best mink lashes manufacturer ,super wholesale mink lashes China, we also provide logo design, custom eyelash design, private label packing design, and other Eyelash peripheral products To save customers time.

We believe in : Love Is Beauty, We Infect Others With love.

We Act with truth, We Touch The world with Truth,

Honest is the highest intelligence!”

We help thousands of mink lashes wholesale starters have their own brand, and get good market and production feedback .

Depending on our regular customer priority principle, frequent customers get our latest mink lashes styles in the first time to occupy market.

Qingdao Miland as the best mink lashes manufactuer , we have broad mind like sea, We have broad thinking like sky !

If you have dream,  We sincerely invite friends from all over the world come to our factory, Physically feel the production process of high-grade hand-made eyelashes, discuss the eyelashes technology and feminine -fashion beauty with our senior technicians and designers, We will build a high-grade eyelash market together, redefine the eyelash concept, and provide high-grade and dependable eyelashes with unique hand-made eyelashes global .

Win-Win Business, Mutual Benefit ! let’s develop the Mink eyelashes career together!

Contact us if you are interested , Email: jessie@beauty-imexport.com

  Phone/ WHATSAPP:8613687636151

What Is The Special Feature Of ONLYCANAS Mink Lashes?

The best mink lashes manufactuer

UNIQUE DESIGN: The design inspiration of mink lashes is from the idea of life, the consumers’ psychology, the fashion sensitive, The social needs, We try to meet the market segmentation of different consumer needs. Fully Show their unique soul !!

UNIQUE RAW MATERIAL: The raw material of our mink lashes is got from the tail of Siberian mink of 1-2 years old.

The workers use tweezers to select and collect the hair with tip hair with original inspiration.

In order To ensure the symmetry of the lashes, we carefully classified the diameter of the hair.And disinfection with high temperature . Each mink hair is soft, with tip mellow , no shiny and keep original inspiration.

That is why ONLYCANAS MINK LASHES 3D look natural and elegant, spiritual.

UNIQUE PRODUION CRAFT: 100% pure hand made, Raw material is got from nature, Only pure hand made craft can show the charming of nature , show wisdom of people, ONLYCANAS mink lashes like love, Which have magic power!

the comparison with ONLYCANAS mink lashes and without it
the best mink lashes wholesale

UNIQUE EYELASH GLUE: The lash glue we used is soft , flexible even after drying, no smelling, It can not be brocken .

UNIQUE EYELASH LINER:The ONLYCANAS MINK EYELASH liner we used is 100% cotton, It feel comfortable and durable. absorb eyelash glue strongly. Our Mink eyelashes can be used 20-25 times. no shedding.

UNIQUE CURVE TECHNOLOGY: Our super technology to assure the mink eyelash look natural curve, wild. neat and organized, not stiff and messy.

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Boxes Of Mink Lashes, Private Label Mink Lashes ,Custom Mink Lashes Case

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Packaging Support: We support customize packaging with customer’s design and private label.

 OEM and ODM services are acceptable. If you want to make packaging with own logo, and just tell us your idea. Our designer is always available to help you!

Why Our Cooperators Are Growing Bigger and Bigger?

No Matter for new mink lashes wholesalers or old mink lashes vendors, We sincerely suggest that never miss to choose ONLYCANAS mink lashes manufactuer as your supplier!  Don’t waste your time any more .in eyelash market , they are all copying ours .

Only of us can provide you the unique mink lashes styles and keep creating new and original mink lashes 3d, You know that if a mink lashes manufactuer lost creative ability, it will lost everying!! just copying , It is sure that the end result is failure if you cooperate with this kind of factory, because it will lead customers miss valuable opportunities!

We have our own trained workers you know that it is very very important,which can assure the mass products is same as samples. others when get orders they find the workers to do it , no uniform management , so the mass mink lashes you got are different from samles. Which badly lost your reputation and the cost you’ve advertising!Many mink lashes vendors complain with it especially for new starters , they have no enough money, at the beginning their selection is wrong!

ONLYCANAS mink lashes is green and healthy, The material is natural, no any smelling , others deal with the material by chemical technoloty, very big smelling , if you use it for long time, it will lead cancer!

The glue used for ONLYCANAS mink lashes 3d is self -developed, which is used for animal air no shedding, other cheap mink lashes you ordered , the hair will fall off easily !

Every pair you ordered from ONLYCANAS mink lashes manufactuer will be good. other cheap mink lashes the left eye and the right eyelash is different, to save cost, They will not select mink lashes at all, and put inferior products ship to you together.

The mink lashes you ordered from ONLYCANAS feel soft and comfortable to wear, Good mink lashes consumers like to share with others, your reputation will be better and better, your repeated orders will be more and more, but other cheap mink lashes the band is hard , badly feelig when you wear it, Pls be rest assured , The only way is that the customers throw the mink lashes cheap angry,and will never buy it any more!

The mink lashes got from ONLYCANAS ,we have the special technology to assure that each hair have tip mellowed. Which looks like our own eyelashes. Other cheap mink lashes no tip, that is absolutely true that Perfect mink lashes need perfect material.

Now all eyelash market order from us and copy us , no need to waste your time any more, other cheap mink lashes will have no potential market, and the fact tell us, new starters need us to open market, mature mink lashes vendors need us to consolidate market.

In essencial fact, ONLYCANAS mink lashes is the cheapest mink lashes.

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How to Start Mink Eyelash Vendors?

Have you ever wanted to sell  your own brand of eyelashes?

Have you ever wanted to find a reliable vendor to do your own business?

1ST step: On the catalogue, there is No. for each style, choose your favorite eyelashes styles and let us know the style.

You also can send us your own lashes design, we can make sample for you. Before you place the bulk order please start with sample order to check quality first. You also can place bulk order directly.

MOQ for lashes sample is 10 pairs at least, which can be mixed with different styles.

2ND step: Choose packaging for sample order. We have free packaging and normal packaging without logo for choose.

3RD step: Choose packaging for bulk order. We support customize packaging with your own logo or private label. MOQ for customize box is 100 pieces.

Cooperate With Us, Our creativity not only bring you valuable business opportunities, but also get more customers with high quality and Timely Delivery Due.

How to Cooperate With Milanda Mink Lashes Wholesale?

Please follow the steps below:

I think communication is the first and essencial step to cooperate with ONLYCANAS.

For new mink lashes vendor starters, We are not only provide you the unique and best mink lashes 3d, but also market strategy.

Which mink lashes styles are hot sale ?

How to choose the mink lashes styles to open market?

How to design your own mink lashes case logo ?

How to choose a reliable mink lashes manufacturer?

What is the difficulty you will meet during selling?

HOw to solve the problems ?

How to estalish your own business team ?

Tell us your request and current difficulties, Tell us your ambition and goals. Our professioners will help you realize your dream.

We have help thousands of students for busines creation. Qingdao Milanda Wholesale company will become your guardian angel of your eyelashes business. pls see below our contact details.


          Phone/ WHATSAPP:8613687636151

For the mature mink lashes vendors who have’done business for long time. ONLYCANAS will create better and popular lashes to create lashes business opportunities for them. Mr Oscar and his team will help you to overcome any difficulties you meet.

Our designers team. workers team. sales team. packing team. delivery team will help you . Join ONLYCANAS. You will fly higher and higher!

No matter The Mink Lashes we show on website , Or The article we edited, Every detail we did by heart. As the eyelash of the excellent mink lashes suppliers, we are not only understanding you, But also provide more helpful advice according to our experience. if you feel useful, please share out, and let more people benefit.let us work together, struggle for a better tomorrow of mink lashes industrial!Thank you very much.